INATS crowned 3rd place in Eco-Waste Management Tilt

Itawes National Agricultural and Technical School – Main Campus won third place in the Best Implementor in Solid Waste Management Competition and two minor awards: Best in Eco-Waste Segregation and Best in Composting Preparation in the entire Division of Cagayan Secondary Level.

Extreme efforts, time, and budget have been the source of the triump. The entire INATS family has worked hand-in-hand in the success of the activity. The Supreme Students Government (SSG), Yout Environmentalist Students Officers (YES-O), and the teachers headed by Mr. Benito S. Alipio, Jr., Mr. Villamor P. Castillo piloted the preparation in the competition.

The search on the Best Implementor on Solid Waste Management is a yearly program of the Province of Cagayan based on the Republic Act 9003 which states the establishment of the National Commission on Solid Waste Management and the Mandatory segregation of household waste in three containers.

The program aims to educate each citizen – young or adult for proper disposal to maintain a healthy, balance, and safe environment.

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