School Profile

The name of the school has evolved in three stages for its original name as Itawes High School in the early fifties to its present name. In June 21, 1959 under Republic Act No. 2398, the school was created as an agricultural school with its name; Itawes National Rural and Vocational High School (INRVHS). In 1976 due to its offering of post secondary cources, the school was renamed to Itawes National Agricultural and Technical School (INATS). This is its present name.

The school is one of the oldest and also one of the public technical and vocational high school in the rigion in terms of enrolment and faculty size is concern. Through the years the school has grown to three campuses namely: INATS main campus located at Barangay Bulagao,Tuao, Cagayan, INATS Alabug situated at Barangay Alabug, Tuao, Cagayan, and INATS Bagumbayan Annex, Bagumbayan, Tuao, Cagayan. Of the three campuses, INATS main campus is the biggest in school site with an aggregate area of 28 hectars. Spaces unoccupied by buildings are utilized for agricultural crop production such as; rice, mango, nursery, vegetable, swine and cattle production. These projects comprise the so- called Income Generating Projects (IGP) of the school.

In the advent of the Strengthened Technical Vocational Education Program (STVEP), INATS main is among the Tech.-Voc. School selected to offer the new Tech.- Voc. program.



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